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The ducts of an HVAC system are critical for enabling households to enjoy warm, cozy comfort in the winter, and refreshing, conditioned air in the summer. However, ducts are also prone to trapping a large supply of dirt, dust, pollen, and more. To improve indoor air quality and preserve HVAC units from wearing down, reach out to Essential Home Performance right away. We are committed to providing comprehensive air duct cleaning in McKinney.

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Why Regular Duct Cleaning Is Important for HVAC Systems

The state of Texas is often dry and dusty. This means that lots of particles are always scattered about, ranging from dirt to pollen to mold spores. As these fragments blow in the wind, they eventually find their way into ductwork. The fact that residences are extremely insulated means that these particles can’t escape. As they sit in the ducts, the warm, humid space develops even more unsavory pollutants, like mildew. Eventually, the ducts will become so full that the debris will be blown back into the HVAC system.

When particles become trapped in an air conditioner or a furnace, they can cause damage to the unit. Even the smallest grain of dust, wedged between delicate gears, will make parts work less efficiently. The whole system is then forced to labor more than ever to make up for one malfunctional piece, which increases utility bills. All of this could be avoided through regular duct cleaning.

How to Tell if Residential Ducts Need Cleaning?

It is very clear that ductwork needs to be properly cleaned for the rest of an HVAC system to work properly. The question is how often such cleaning should be scheduled. The key to arranging for duct cleaning is to watch out for tell-tale signs that the ducts are dirty. By catching the signals early, it is possible to prevent an HVAC system from malfunctioning.

Some evidence that ductwork should be cleaned out includes: 

  • Vents and filters that have become full of dirt and dust 
  • Highly expensive utility bills every month
  • A faulty heater or air conditioner due to pieces working harder to make up for broken parts
  • The inability to properly cool down or heat up different locations in the house
  • The presence of migraines, bloody noses, increased allergies, and constant exhaustion
  • An unpleasant musty smell, especially when the system turns on and burns the dust

While most duct cleaning will resolve the situations above, there are certainly times when the ducts have gotten too old and should be replaced. It is impossible to tell if this is the case without professional support, so get in touch with our techs at Essential Home Performance.

FAQ: Duct Cleaning 

Question #1: What are the benefits of having my HVAC ducts professionally cleaned?

A: A clean air duct system can bring many benefits to your family or workplace. Improved indoor air quality, lower utility bills, and fewer allergy triggers are just some of the advantages. Additionally, you may also experience increased airflow throughout your home or office and more even temperatures from room to room. Cleaning your air ducts can also reduce the frequency of house cleaning, allowing you to save time and energy for other tasks.

Question #2: Will there be dust all over my house when you clean my HVAC ducts?

A: Our high powered vacuum trucks are the perfect solution for vacuuming dust and debris from hard-to-reach areas. The powerful suction creates a negative air pressure that pulls all of the dust and debris directly outside to the truck, ensuring no particles escape back into your environment. This means you can trust our vacuum trucks to provide effective air cleaning without the need for expensive filters or additional measures. Our vacuum trucks are designed to make cleaning up fast, efficient, and safe.

Question #3: How often should I have my HVAC ducts cleaned?

A: Air ducts are one of the most important components of your heating and cooling system, as they regulate air flow to and from the HVAC unit. As air passes through these ducts, dust and debris can collect over time that can impede performance and lead to lower indoor air quality. For this reason, the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA)  recommends having your air ducts professionally cleaned every three to five years. 

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