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Essential Home Performance is a family-owned, Veteran-Owned HVAC company serving Collin County and surrounding areas since 2019.

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Essential Home Performance is your one-stop shop for HVAC services in McKinney and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to learn more about our services, our team, and our financing options!


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If the Texas heat is making you long for a better air conditioner, or if an oncoming chill is raising concerns about the health of your heater, Essential Home Performance is here for you. Based in Van Alstyne, our McKinney HVAC technicians provide a full range of repairs, replacements, installations, and maintenance services to customers all over Collin County and the surrounding areas. Since the day we opened our doors, we’ve helped thousands of customers fix broken equipment, upgrade to energy-efficient new units, and build their perfect indoor environments from the ground up. There’s no limit to what our heating and cooling technicians can do to improve your comfort!

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Our Essential Values for Unmatched Service

At Essential Home Performance, our foundation is built on a commitment to excellence and integrity. We believe in fostering a culture of trust and reliability, ensuring that every interaction reflects our core values.

Trained, Licensed & Insured McKinney HVAC Technicians

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Trained, Licensed & Insured McKinney HVAC Technicians

You’re calling a professional McKinney HVAC company because you want professional solutions, not just repackaged DIY tricks. At Essential Home Performance, none of our technicians are amateurs. Every team member we send out has received extensive training, is fully professionally certified, and has years of field experience. We handle your HVAC issues as only experts can, with tried-and-true procedures and industry-leading products. The work we do won’t make a mess or damage your property, just make you and your family more comfortable.

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HVAC Maintenance McKinney, TX

Our family is ready to help you stay comfortable. Contact us today for HVAC service in McKinney or any surrounding Collin County communities!


Maintenance for HVAC Systems

Like any other mechanical system, reliable heating, cooling, and ventilation systems require regular tune-ups. Just a little bit of dust collecting within the intricate pieces of the furnace or the air conditioner can make everything go awry. The longer a heat pump or duct system sits without proper cleaning, the more likely it is to malfunction.

A full examination from one of our HVAC experts can restore everything to normal. If there are minor problems, these can be quickly fixed before they result in a more expensive replacement process. Remember, even the sturdiest brands of heating, cooling, and filtration devices need maintenance, so do not hesitate to call. One checkup before the summer and another before the winter should be adequate. This will make the system completely set for the most extreme weather conditions.

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Upholding Our Core Values

As a family-owned and veteran-owned heating and cooling company, we stay true to our core values of honesty, commitment, and care. It’s our job to take care of the HVAC issues that are negatively impacting your family, and we take that job seriously. It’s just one of the things we do to make life better for our neighbors, in addition to our numerous charity initiatives. Whatever you need from us, we’ll provide it, because we don’t rest until you’re completely comfortable and satisfied with your HVAC system.


We believe that Faith is a strongly held belief and extremely important in our team culture. Every decision we make will be based on our faith.


We believe that we have a responsibility to engage in meaningful participation in our community. Every decision we make will be weighed against the impact that it will have on our community.


We believe that having a healthy home life is crucial to the well-being of our team. The effects of our decisions will be heavily weighed against the impact that it has on our team’s families.


Frequently Asked HVAC Questions

Explore some FAQs to find answers to common queries about maintenance, energy efficiency, emergency services, and more. If your specific question isn’t addressed here, feel free to reach out – our experts are always ready to assist you on your journey to optimal home comfort.

Recent developments in heating and cooling technology have made HVAC systems more reliable and efficient than ever before. Even clients who already have an HVAC system may want to consider getting a new unit, particularly if a current system is several years old, as it will begin to run less efficiently. Speak to the Essential Home Performance team, and we can advise on the distinctions between multiple systems. 

We recommend scheduling HVAC maintenance at least once a year to ensure optimal performance, efficiency, and to catch any potential issues early on.

We work with a wide range of reputable HVAC brands, ensuring flexibility and options for our customers. Our goal is to provide you with the best-suited solutions for your specific needs.

Simple steps include regularly changing air filters, sealing ducts, installing a programmable thermostat, and scheduling routine maintenance. Our experts can also provide personalized recommendations tailored to your home.